Monthly Archives: March 2016

Pump System Care: How To Keep The Fluids Moving

Regular inspection and preventative maintenance of wastewater pumping systems will ensure continued, reliable operation of the complete wastewater treatment system. Inspections should range in frequency from weekly to annually, depending on the purpose and intensity of the inspection. Refer routinely to the manufacturer’s service manuals, which should be carefully read and filed in a readily […]

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Juicy Wastewater Challenge Requires a Refreshing Solution

A leading producer of premium natural, organic beverages located California was struggling with a not-so-tasty byproduct of beverage production: the generation of high-strength process wastewater. In early 2003, the City’s POTW expressed its concern over the processor’s relatively high organic wasteloads. The company investigated a number of wastewater pretreatment options, finally selecting anaerobic technology as […]

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