Monthly Archives: March 2008

How Efficient is Your Mixed Tank?

A midwestern wet corn miller contacted us when it began experiencing treatment issues. Wet corn milling plants typically produce a broadly diversified line of products including maltodextrin products, corn syrup solids, starches, ethyl alcohol, and more. The company’s wastewater treatment plant employed two stages of biological treatment – anaerobic pretreatment and aerobic final treatment with […]

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How much gas can you produce? Take the biochemical methane potential test.

How much gas can you produce? No, not personally. We’re talking about the potential to produce biogas, a valuable energy source, from a waste or substrate. This determination can be made using a simple and inexpensive procedure to check relative anaerobic activity and biodegradability:  the Biochemical Methane Potential (BMP) test. A laboratory evaluation can provide […]

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