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All consulting engineering/architectural firms boast of their tangible benefits to potential employees: employer-matched 401K plans, tuition reimbursement, comprehensive health and life insurance plans, vacation and short-term leave accrual, and competitive salaries. While ATI also offers each of these, our employees most appreciate those benefits that cannot be measured.

Work/Life Balance

We understand that personal emergencies and obligations don’t check your work schedule before occurring. We also understand that professionals with young families often feel pulled in opposite directions, particularly during those cold winter months when runny noses and ear infections seem to be never ending.

Friendly pups are welcome to join their owners at work.

Friendly pups are welcome to join their owners at work.

ATI’s founding principals left their large engineering firms in 1986 to escape the grueling schedules that often took them away from their growing families. Thirty years later, ATI remains dedicated to maintaining a healthy work/life balance. Our project managers regularly monitor and shift tasks to ensure that employees are not overloaded. When personal appointments are required during office hours, employees can often shift their work hours to make up the time.

“Working for Applied Technologies is exciting and challenging, as the projects and responsibilities are diverse and provide many opportunities to learn new things. Being a project engineer at a small firm allows me to participate in all aspects of a project, from planning through completion of construction. In addition, ATI has a great work environment that values its employees and provides a flexible work arrangement.”

Kathleen Hassing, Environmental Engineer
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Open Door Policy

A closed office door is a rare sight at ATI. No matter your age, gender, or position, our president and principals are available to answer questions or discuss your projects and concerns. These professionals are recognized as the best in their fields, and their expertise is at your disposal.

Project Diversity

Celebrating 30 years in business!

The diversity of project work offered to our employees can be attributed to our size and Clear Thinking philosophy. Large projects, such as the award-winning Madison MSD Eleventh Addition, often require “all hands on deck.” Smaller projects, perhaps a waste minimization study for a brewing company, may be staffed according to interest or technical expertise. In either situation, a team is formed to best solve the challenge. Employees are encouraged to apply creativity and utilize the ample resources available to them to solve these often complex challenges.

I was first drawn to ATI based on its unique track record of implementing advanced wastewater technologies, including nutrient recovery and anaerobic bioenergy systems. In my first six months, I worked on projects for diverse clients, including metropolitan municipalities and international food processors.”

Leo Kucek, Project Engineer
Cornell University

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