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Wastewater treatment is a field that is constantly changing, especially in today's more complex regulatory environment. Additionally, projects in this field often involve a range of disciplines not always found within one organization. At ATI, we maintain the staff and the skills necessary to undertake these increasingly complex projects involving...
ATI appreciates the unique needs of industries. Our experience includes the completion of numerous projects for a multitude of industries with a focus on waste treatment, thus allowing us to begin project development immediately, reducing or eliminating the time and cost involved in getting familiarized with each production facility. Time...
Water ManagementATI possesses the experience and capabilities necessary to assist municipalities and private utilities in developing the most effective solutions to meet their water supply needs. We provide a complete range of planning, design and construction services for water supply development, treatment, transmission, storage and distribution...
Municipalities rely on vital systems–water, wastewater, transportation–that must keep pace with the ever changing needs and growth of a community. ATI is experienced in working with municipalities to rehabilitate and expand their infrastructures to accommodate current and projected growth. We can evaluate existing systems, develop phased improvement programs, and design...
When things are running smoothly, it is easy to adopt an “out of sight, out of mind” attitude toward underground pipelines and utilities. However, an ounce of prevention can save a community pounds of cost, embarrassment, and stress down the road. We are well versed in municipal utilities, having designed...
ATI offers an impressive structural engineering portfolio comprised of many different project types. Whether designing a water storage tank, or a rocky façade for a museum exhibit, our structural engineers possess the knowledge and experience necessary to complete even the most unique of projects on time and to the most...
Architectural design is intriguing because many solutions often exist for one challenge. Our goal is to create a uniquely effective solution that satisfies your immediate needs, your long-term goals, and your idea of what the project should be. We listen carefully to your concerns, explore alternate approaches together, and explain...

Featured Projects

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Type: Water

Services: Planning, Design of all facilities, Safe Drinking Water Loan funding, Construction administration and inspection, O&M manual, Startup assistance

Watertown New Water Treatment Facility

Madison MSD 11th Addition to the Nine Springs WWTP
Municipal Wastewater

Type: Municipal Wastewater

Services: Facilities planning, Design, Construction administration and inspection

Type: Biosolids Handling

Services: Facilities planning, Design, Construction administration and inspection

Des Plaines River WRF Upgrade & Regional Biosolids Drying
Biosolids Handling

Central Lake County JAWA Lake Michigan Water Supply

Type: Civil

Services: Planning, Feasibility study, Lake Michigan Allocation Applications for each community