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Phosphorus Compliance Best Solutions: The engineers role in developing recommendations

As improving water quality remains a priority in Wisconsin, many wastewater treatment facilities (WWTF) are seeking new and innovative ways to achieve ultra-low effluent phosphorus levels. On Thursday, May 30, 2019, Waupun Utilities hosted an open house at its WWTF to showcase a pilot-scale Advanced Biological Nutrient Recovery (ABNR) system by CLEARAS Water Recovery. The […]

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Chemical vs Biological Phosphorus Removal

Phosphorus removal during wastewater treatment is vital to ensuring public safety and protecting the environment. Removal of this nutrient from waste streams is key to preventing eutrophication – a natural process inciting algae blooms. Algae blooms can suffocate ecosystems, creating dead zones in which animal life can not survive. Moreover, this causes other water quality issues […]

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Rice Lake Completes Plant Upgrade

Rice Lake Utilities owns and operates a 2.2 mgd wastewater treatment facility (WWTF) that treats wastewater generated within its service area in the City of Rice Lake and discharges to the Red Cedar River. The original plant on the site was built in 1951. The liquid treatment facilities consisted of primary clarification and a high […]

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