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Microbiological Evaluation: An insurance policy for your treatment system

Physicians use annual examinations to maintain the health of their patients and detect symptoms before they turn into something worse. Similarly, microbiological evaluations analyze the health of your wastewater treatment system to avoid potential issues and dreaded shutdowns.

The microbes that drive your aerobic wastewater treatment system are only as effective as their environment allows them to be. Unfortunately, most microbiological upsets are not usually detected until well after a problem has begun.

ATI regularly performs periodic biomass evaluations for its clients to avoid such upsets.  A biomass sample is analyzed via microscopic inspection to determine the overall health of the microbes, such as diversity, stability, and activity. In addition, we can assess the degree to which the biomass has adjusted to its liquid environment.

The necessary information is gathered through a combination of viewing and sampling techniques and is compiled into a document known as the “Microbiological Analysis Report.” This report contains photomicrographs of pertinent biomass/sample features, a description of current conditions, recommendations for operational improvements if required, and more.

Performing microbiological evaluations on a quarterly or semi-annual basis provides awareness of the overall health and stability of your aerobic treatment system.

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