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New York Poultry Processor

Waste Management
Preliminary engineering report, Permitting, Design engineering, Services during construction, Operations assistance

Flow:  100,000 gpd

COD:  9,500 lbs/day

TSS:  6,000 lbs/day

Construction Cost:  $2.0 million


Crescent Duck Farms is a family-owned and operated duck farm, processing 18,000-20,000 White Pekin ducks weekly. Crescent Duck retained ATI to perform several key projects for them. 

In 2003, ATI was contracted to design the direct discharge wastewater treatment facility to treat the duck farm’s manure and processing facility waste. The system consists of an anaerobic contact process followed by a pair of aerobic SBRs designed to treat 100,000 gpd. Biogas produced by the system is utilized to power the system blowers.

Most recently, ATI has served as Crescent Duck’s engineer to optimize the treatment process in advance of a total nitrogen limit reduction to 10 mg/L. The current process was evaluated due to a wastewater increase up to 150,000 gpd. ATI evaluated several options to consistently reduce nitrogen and is currently designing an upgrade that includes a denitrification filter.


Rotary drum screening
Complete mix anaerobic contact process
Two sequencing batch reactors in series
Biogas powered aeration blowers
Engine heat recovery