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Watertown New WWTP

City of Watertown, Wisconsin

Waste Management
Facilities planning, Design, Construction administration and inspection, O&M manual/startup, Clean Water Fund financing

Project Location:  Watertown, Wisconsin

Design Capacity:  5.2 mgd

Construction Cost:  $24 million


This new wastewater treatment plant replaced the existing plant, which had significant hydraulic restrictions and was not capable of meeting new effluent ammonia limits. Facility planning was conducted and a new plant was selected as the most cost effective alternative from both monetary and non-monetary evaluations. A new 27 mgd influent pump station was constructed to deliver the flow to the new plant adjacent to the existing facility. A new sludge handling building was constructed for digester heating and pumping systems and sludge dewatering. Methane gas generated in anaerobic digestion is utilized in the digester heating system. Digested sludge is dewatered with centrifuges and is conveyed with screw conveyors to a new wood framed sludge storage building. 


Complete new treatment plant
Fine screening/grit removal
Primary treatment
Influent pumping
Single-stage nitrification with anoxic selectors
Chemical phosphorus removal
Anaerobic digester complex
Two centrifuges – 1,500 lbs dry solids/hour
Enclosed screw conveyor cake transport
Fully automated/integrated SCADA
84’ x 142’ cake storage building
UV disinfection