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One of the major potential benefits of anaerobic wastewater treatment is the production of biogas, a high energy offgas generated by anaerobic biomass during the stabilization of organic wastes. Although of great potential use as a fuel, the “dirty” nature of the biogas can pose difficulties to the inexperienced designer. These difficulties are typically related to the potentially corrosive, explosive, and toxic characteristics of the biogas.

ATI has evaluated and designed a variety of systems using waste streams ranging from municipal primary and secondary wastewater sludges to whey permeate and returned beverage products. These projects can involve straightforward conveyance systems or complicated siloxane, sulfur and moisture removal technologies. They can also employ biogas utilization technologies ranging from direct combustion systems to multifunctional cogeneration systems that produce electricity and hot water.


  • Bid package development
  • Biogas testing
  • Design engineering
  • Feasibility study
  • Foundation design
  • Predesign engineering
  • Preliminary engineering
  • System review and troubleshooting