Lake County, Illinois

Des Plaines River Water Reclamation Facility Improvements

Waste Management
Facilities planning, Design, Construction administration and inspection

Project Location:  Lake County, Illinois

Design Capacity:  16 mgd

Construction Cost:  $32 million


The Lake County Public Works Department (LCPWD) owns and operates the Des Plaines River WRF. This facility currently receives an average flow of 10.3 mgd and is designed for 16.0 mgd. Though the Des Plaines River WRF was in compliance with its NPDES permit, LCPWD retained ATI to undertake a Facilities Plan in response to the planned implementation of a 1 mg/L Total-phosphorus limit, new biosolids storage limits, and the potential blending of effluent. The Facilities Plan identified biosolids drying as the least costly and most desirable alternative on a non-economic basis. In addition, to meet the future phosphorus limits, the Plan recommended modifying the existing aeration basins to incorporate BNR into the treatment process.


Regional Class A biosolids drying facility
Multiple enclosed screw conveyors for biosolids products
Nitrification and denitrification
Disk filtration for enhanced phosphorus removal
Aluminum sulfate phosphorus polishing system
Disk filter retrofit into effluent filter building
Expansion of the 480V power distribution system for a new biosolids drying building
Switchboard and MCC modifications
In-line and sidestream fermentation to produce VFAs
Building renovations
New 1500kW standby diesel generator system
Grit system improvements