Ladish Company

Foundation Design

Designed press foundation with elevated structural steel platform, replaced existing roof truss for required clearance over new press, and designed adjacent substation.

Project Location

  • Cudahy, Wisconsin


  • Metal components


  • World’s largest isothermal press weighs 2.5 million lbs with a 100 year design life
  • Equipment to be placed in an existing building required a 35 foot deep pit for press operations
  • Press required a structural steel deck to support a manipulator fork truck with 200,000 lb axle load. Framing had be removable to allow access to hydraulic machinery
  • Roof truss was modified to allow installation of press without opening the roof


  • Accounted for surcharge of existing building and equipment and limited use of helical piers to under pin existing foundations
  • Designed deck framing with simple bearing connections for ease of handling
  • Designed new rigid frame to replace the existing original roof truss Services Provided
  • Structural engineering
  • Drafting
  • Construction related services
  • Complete “as-built” drawings
  • Construction related services

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