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A Community’s Thirst for Lake Michigan Water

In 2006, Lake Villa and several other northern Lake County, Illinois municipalities were at a crossroads. Over the last decade, the region had experienced substantial growth, and this trend was projected to continue. This population growth was taxing community infrastructures, including the ability to provide adequate, high quality water. The traditional water supply of the […]

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Partnering on AD and CHP Projects

Given the current economic situation, public and private organizations are quickly realizing the many advantages offered through partnerships on anaerobic digestion (AD) and combined heat and power (CHP) projects. In addition to financial benefits, partnerships can also offer a positive public image, green credits, additional power sources, solutions for waste reduction, and a way to […]

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Waupun Utilities Implements Reverse Osmosis Technology

Waupun Utilities has provided the City’s population of 10,000 with high quality potable water for more than 70 years. After careful examination of its 20 year future in 2005, the Utility decided it was time to upgrade its existing lime softening treatment plant. Although replacing an “old reliable” system can seem risky, the Utility decided […]

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